Mind Training For Sport enables the corporate world to learn the strategies to help them prepare and perform like professional athletes.

I’ve worked in the United States of America as a business coach working with a number of fortune 500 companies alongside Dr Spencer Johnson. I combine these learnings, with the cutting edge psychology I use with my elite athletes.

Learn what the elite athletes are doing to prepare and succeed and take these learnings into the workplace to enable your company and team to excel.

Having first seen Katie talk to a team of ambitious and feisty 16 year old rugby players about how they can train their minds for success I was keen to invite Katie to share her perspectives and mind training techniques with my similarly ambitious marketing department. Over the past 12 months we have been working as a department to realise our potential by using different techniques to unlock the latent potential through creativity and innovation. I felt that the next step for us was to unite more completely as a team with courage, self belief and tenacity for change, tackling the big challenges and celebrating and recognising success. Katie’s workshop was quite simply inspirational. She took us through a journey of self reflection, leading to straightforward yet effective techniques and actions which could easily be incorporated into day to day routines … such as choosing your attitude, the importance of positive thinking and preparing for success. The buzz in the office the next day was fantastic! Katie is clearly focussed and professional with a sparkling business career and inspirational personal experience that underpins her authenticity and authority to convince those she coaches that her techniques are simple, do-able and really make a difference.
Sarah Howe - Marketing Director - RIAS

Katie worked with our EMG team on the Garnier press trip event at the Chewton Glen hotel. The event provided all guests with various activities to partake in, one being a personal life coaching session with Katie in the guests hotel rooms. Her infectious friendly manner, professional depth and invaluable experience made for fantastic feedback from all the guests. Katie has an incredible ability to make her clients feel instantly at ease. She connects with them on every level, bringing motivation and encouragement into their lives. We feel truly blessed to have found Katie to work with and will most definitely be booking her again for future events. She is a perfect extension to our team and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone.
Lucy Donnely - EMG (Event Management Group Ltd)

‘Katie’s presentation was very inspirational.  I will certainly be thinking more positively going forwards.’ 

‘Katie highlighted to me the real power of positive affirmations. thought that the session was really useful in highlighting the benefits to sharing concerns with others to unburden yourself of any anxiety’s you may be having. This is something that I’ll definitely be doing more of instead of stressing myself out as it does help to talk things through with others to find a solutions to the problems/ concerns you may be experiencing’

"The coaching sessions were great. THANK YOU so much for providing such an enriching and well received activity."
Sophie Oliver – Garnier, L’Oreal

Katie’s story is very inspirational and the session gave me a lot of ‘food for thought’, particularly around making changes (however small) to how I tackle obstacles in and outside of work to get positive results.

The session Katie carried out was Inspiring, it made me think about my day to day life, not only from a personal perspective but also as part of a bigger team. The main point I took from this session is that you are in control of your destiny and a positive approach will help you and others around you get their quicker and more effectively.

I thought there were some great tips.  I even had a discussion with my hubby about it last night.  A very significant but simple thing Katie mentioned was the fact that our brains do not ‘understand negatives’. I often try and psyche myself into things by saying to myself ‘I’m not going to worry about X,Y,Z’ or ‘I’m not going to be scared going down that slope.... etc’.  I never realised that this increases negative thoughts.  From now on I will make my brain believe that everything I do is half full and not half empty! 

To be honest, after the meeting, I felt like A MAN I WANT TO BE. I could now see the power of having confidence in myself and my ability. Before now, I get frustrated  easily, but I have just began a new journey on how to deal with that. Solutions are (to be more relaxed, more focused on the now etc).

"Katie presented such a powerful concept, in a simple way that made it easy to understand and apply structure to your emotions, which has the potential to give so many people self-control back. I think commercially any manager can walk away with at least some insight into how their actions will affect or unlock their own, and their teams, potential. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

I was particularly inspired by her tenacity relating to her personal situation where she had the hard grind of bit by bit getting herself back to health against tremendous adversity.  I have tried to break targets down to smaller pieces but I don’t think I really break them down far enough.  I think the smaller the bite size the better and then you can only succeed. Too large a bite size then there is the potential to take on too much.