"Katie first worked as a tutor for Kelly Holmes Education at our Jaguar Academy of Sport Mentoring and Education Programme in September 2011. She held a workshop on training your mind for injury tailored for young sports people who are aspiring to be the next generation of British talent in sport. I was impressed with Katie’s ability to connect with the audience with her friendly and supportive nature, whilst maintaining a highly interactive and interesting workshop. Since then Katie has been involved with other Kelly Holmes mentoring and Education programmes and remains a valid member of the team!"
Dame Kelly Holmes, Double Olympic Champion

"I have recently been fortunate enough to benefit from the expertise of Katie Page. After only 1 meeting with her I was left with a feeling of weightlessness, freedom, choice, and power. Not only would I recommend her services, but I would strongly advise people to reap the benefit of such a knowledgeable, proficient, yet grounded professional." 
DC – England and Great Britain Hockey Team

"My experience working with Katie Page to date has been one of great positivity. As an athlete, being able to have a focused and clear mind is extremely important to perform and train at the top of my game. I have received constructive advice from Katie which I have put into practice immediately and have seen good results in my training sessions. I expect to see even greater results in my competitions too as I continue using Katie's methods. Not being able to meet up face to face all the time is no obstacle as speaking to Katie on the phone is just as good as face to face. Katie's quality, time, care and efforts never declines. Katie is a great Sports Psychologist and I would highly recommend her services to all athletes and sports performers of all levels."
TS - Athlete, 100 metre sprinter training for the Olympics

"I did not realise how much your mind can make the difference in performance and in how you feel in everyday life. Mind training with Katie has helped me solve problems in my everyday life and also in my performance in the pool. Katie has helped me with my planning, organisation, communication, stress management, competitive preparation and I look forward to working with her as I prepare for the 2012 Olympic Games. Katie is always there when I need her and always gives me a positive look or solution on everything in life"
JC – British World Class Selection Swimmer

"The coaching sessions were great. THANK YOU so much for providing such an enriching and well received activity."
Sophie Oliver – Garnier, L’Oreal

"Katie has shown me how small psychological changes can make a huge impact upon your performance.  Moving forward Katie's mind training will become part of my life as its helped me realise my goals are obtainable easier than I thought and the missing ingredients was hidden in my head as opposed to in my ability. Katie has helped me to find them and realise how they can be best achieved. Since working with her we are now looking at bringing her in to work with the GB Blind and Cerebral Palsy football teams who will be competing at the London 2012 Paralympics"
APH – England and Great Britain CP Football Team

"I am so pleased to have met Katie and to be working with her on our programmes at Kelly Holmes Education. She has been a valid member of our National Support Register and has been working with us for nearly a year now. Her passion in Sports Psychology is evident in the work Katie does to ensure athlete development in a variety of sports and at different levels.    Katie has high levels of commitment to each bespoke Kelly Holmes Education programme and backed with her impressive interpersonal skills, she produces amazing results, especially with our elite Rising Stars at Jaguar Academy of Sport Mentoring and Education workshops. Katie is a very talented and professional individual and always delivers. She is a joy to work with and would recommend her to any of our sports people we work with."
LD - Kelly Holmes Double Gold Enterprises Ltd

"My son has had several sessions with Katie, both as part of a group (with his swimming club) & also a couple of individual sessions to prepare him for his trials with the England Talent Water Polo Squad. He has found all of the sessions extremely useful in helping him to focus on the positives in each situation & to approach each new test with confidence. Katie has a wonderful approach that just seems to  inspire my son to believe in himself & his ability to achieve his dreams & therefore to enable him to apply himself to the hard work needed. I think that these sessions help him, not only to cope with the stresses in his sporting career but also generally in life.
MM – Parent of England Talent Water Polo Squad Player

"I first met Katie at a Jaguar Academy of Sport workshop in Leeds. During the brief workshop that I was able to be involved with Katie I found really hit home. At the end of the day I was able to have a short chat with Katie and that also was hugely beneficial. As a result I decided that working with Katie could really help my confidence and ability to perform on the day. It has already had an impact on my performance and I'm sure that this will continue."
Rhys Davey Triathlon – Jaguar – 2nd at British Junior Duathlon Championships

"Katie’s mind training workshop was very useful in the short time that we had together. I found out so much more about the mind and techniques used to help train our mind and I think this is very important for athletes in general especially young athletes like myself, the things that we learned in the workshop could definitely benefit towards our everyday lives such as coping with being away from home and how to deal with being away from the people that help you every day such as your mum or dad. The most interesting part that happened in the workshop for me would have to be the part where you could tell your mind something over and over again to make it have an effect on your body. This is very good as you could use this technique to build confidence for example telling yourself that you can hit the winning shot in a volleyball match, this technique allows you to build your confidence towards that."
JM – GB Development Squad Volleyball

"Katie is such a positive influence and has been helping me to learn new ways of staying relaxed in the run up to a match and to have more confidence in my abilities. By making sure that I follow a consistent mental process I've also recently managed to score my first 100/100 in air rifle which is usually my weakest discipline. Since starting to work with Katie I've managed to win the women's British short range championship which makes me a double British champion in prone rifle - an achievement I wouldn't have thought possible a year ago!"
RG – British Champion prone rifle

"Thank you so much for your session, it really helped me, and even as soon as I walked out the room, I had a totally different attitude to how I play. I thought, I can't wait until my next session where I can put these ideas to use. I felt you were a real inspiration, and showed that you can do anything that you can put your mind to. Thank you again I really enjoyed the session, and I hope that this will make a big impact to my play and make me feel allot more relaxed and prepared."
MH – Badminton Player

"I know understand exactly what gives me confidence and how I can use this to help me prepare before competitions. By working through the mind training plan Katie gave me it helps me feel more confident, focused, prepared and relaxed" DS – Alpine Ski racer – GB Junior Skier. "I now have greater control of my confidence and my mind set due to working with Katie."
JM – British Elite Junior Diving Champion 3m Springboard Champion

"Katie has helped me and my support team considerably. I look forward to continuing to work with her."
LM – GB U20 Championship bronze fencing & team gold at UK School Games

"I find the sessions with Katie helped me focus on the positive outcomes that I wanted, which ultimately helped me reach the goals that I had set. I find the sessions work well individually, as well as in a group, as it helps to gain full motivation for myself & to understand what motivates my other team members."
CM – England Talent Water Polo Squad Player

"My son has been under great pressure since joining the GB Junior Water Polo squad, Katie has helped tremendously in helping him to understand how he can use his mind to help achieve great performances but also to relieve the pressure he feels due to competing threads in his life - school and sport. Katie has quickly developed a rapport with my son and his feedback is very positive both in conversation and "the way he is".  Her feedback to me has been enormously helpful as well.  In my opinion the skills Sam is learning are not just suited to the sports arena but will equip him to deal with other pressures he faces now and in the future."
RW – Parent GB Junior Water Polo

"I feel so much better in myself since I have been seeing Katie, after the first session I instantly felt more relaxed and positive about my running. This showed the day after when I competed in a race and knocked almost 3 seconds of my previous pb, by outlining my thoughts on a good race I was able to make sure I was feeling positive and relaxed and excited before my race. This helped me during my race to maintain my focus. Not only have I noticed the difference in myself but so have my parents and coaches. I have just been selected the English team. I know Katie helped make this possible."
MC – England U20’s Athletics Team

"Katie has been an invaluable asset to our University Golf Team and has definitely increased both the confidence and positive attitude of my players.  She has provided them all with mind training tools to handle pressured situations and has helped them recognise the massive impact that even small changes to your mind set can have.  The golf team have all been thoroughly enthused by having Katie on board and have all seen an improvement in performance as well as it impacting on their everyday lives. I honestly cannot recommend Katie highly enough."
DT - Sports Performance Manager Bournemouth University

"Katie helps my players considerably as well as the management team at the club. We are extremely grateful for input and the success it has created."
EH - AFC Bournemouth Football Club Manager

"I have seen a huge change in my son, his mental strength on court has hugely improved.  After every session it’s like another great leap forward."
SG – Parent of Tennis Player #3 for his age in England

"After meeting Katie at an event and hearing her talk about sports psychology her passion, enthusiasm and content really left an impact. I had worked with another psychologist previously which focused up very technical aspects of my thought process which was good to establish routines and patterns but now working with Katie things have been on a much wider scale looking at my whole life and how it impacts upon my feelings and mental state and how I can alter and improve this going into competitions."
TK – Commonwealth Games 2010 bronze medalist. Currently 2nd in GB rankings.

"I am the parent of a very able, focused athlete whose sport of athletics is a very important part of his life. My son has recently won the English U20 Championships at Bedford and a gold medal at English Schools Track and Field Championships and has also represented GB Juniors. Approximately 2 years ago, after a successful season, he hit a very low part in his life. He found that he was constantly ill. This affected his training, which resulted in poor performances, which in turn affected his whole outlook on life. This also affected his schoolwork and was under pressure from school as he was also underperforming in that area. He was considering whether to continue with athletics and school and was very down, wondering in what direction he was going to progress with his life. I was advised by another athletes parent for my son to meet with Katie Page. Katie met my son and after their first meeting, I saw a big change in his attitude as for the first time in a while, he believed that there was hope. They met on several occasions over the next few months to see if she could find the underlying cause of his injuries and why he was falling ill so often. Katie determined that my son was suffering from a strong case of stress. She helped him to cope with this and to be able to juggle schoolwork and training and taking everything within his stride. Katie also worked with his coach and with me, which had a positive effect on the whole family unit. My son's health steadily improved and this resulted in some good training sessions. Although he did not start to compete properly until the latter half of the season, he ended with being ranked in the top ten for his events in the UK. My son last saw Katie about a few weeks ago and from their first meeting, he has grown from strength to strength, not only physically but mentally too. He has had his best year yet, has performed to his potential in winning the English U20 Championships at Bedford and winning a gold medal at English Schools. The positive affect that Katie has had on my son also spread to his support team. I would not hesitate in recommending Katie to working with aspiring athletes as without her support and dedication and the fact that she also worked with my sons coach and family and also his school, I know that my son would not have achieved all that he has this season."
GP - Parent

"Katie I can not thank you enough, in such a short space of time you have already had a significant impact on my mental approach to not just my sport but to myself as a person. When I started working with you I was doubting my own ability and almost dreading the coming year’s competitions, now after only 3 months you have helped be build a routine based on what I need to help me perform to my best ability in both training and competition. I’m focusing on what gives me confidence and I’ve never been so excited to compete before."
LW – 50m Prone Rifle – Commonwealth Games 2010 and training for Commonwealth Games 2014

"Georges went back to France really fired up and called after training sounding very positive. I am sure he will "pull it out the bag" this weekend. He has found his capability's and Mojo again thanks to you. I would not have pushed to help him if he didn't really have the talent, its always difficult being objective as a parent! We also have seen a huge change in him. All thanks to you. So you not only help with the sport you have changed his ways as a person too."
GB - Toulouse Rugby Club

"The work Katie does with the players is vital for the individual, team and for the management."
LB – Manager AFC Bournemouth

"I have seen big changes in my swimmers attitudes and their results.  We will definitely be working with Katie again."
GB - Head Swimming Coach

"Mind Training has helped me prepare mentally prior to going onto the pitch and also now I have techniques I can use out on the pitch."
Premier league footballer Tottenham

"Katie's expertise and support for Seagulls Swimming Club and Bournemouth Collegiate School Swimming Academy students has shown a massive impact on the belief and life management skills for swimmers and water polo players in our programmes who are not only achieving high levels in their sport such as making England Talent programmes and gaining International performances, they are achieving great results academically.  Perhaps the most noticeable improvement Katie's support has shown is opening up communication, not only intrinsically for the individual athletes, but externally relationships between the swimmer/coach and swimmer/parent have become a whole lot more effective, which has and continues to create a forward thinking and open atmosphere for all."
BA - Director of Swimming - Bournemouth Collegiate School Swimming Academy

"Katie held a workshop for the PGA in Dorset.  Because of the positive feedback the PGA are looking at making this part of a national programme"
DW & JB – PGA Regional Coaching Development Officer

"Dealing with injuries is tough both mentally and physically. Katie supported me during this time to help me deal with the mental side of the injury. She also helped me prepare and plan when I started training and playing. I went on to have the best performance of my career in the playoffs. I know without Katie’s help this result would not have happened."
SL - Professional Footballer 

"To say the least we have been most impressed with the results, our son really has taken to her training. As our son is nine years old, we did not want anything too intense and found Katie to be able to adapt to this using games and ideas in a fun way, whilst considerably improving his mindset. He just was placed 35th in the world for his age at his sport.  Having Katie's support has made this result possible"
DB - Parent

"I am regularly referring clients to Katie as I see the results.  The difference it has made to our athletes is amazing."
MT – Dorset Head County Coach

"Over the past 18 months I have been working with Katie and have greatly learnt from the advice and ideas she has presented. I currently play off a handicap of +2, representing Dorset County, South West Counties, Bournemouth University and British Universities Team. Whilst working with Katie I qualified for the Open World University Championship, finished 17th in the English Amateur Championship and have just turned pro. On my first pro event I went on to finish 6th. Katie is a very vital part of my coaching team."
KG – Professional Golfer

"Katie came highly recommended and we now understand why. She provided our coaches with a highly insightful, practical and fascinating insight into how we can help our junior footballers achieve more from a psychological standpoint."
DA - Annual Prep Schools Football Coaches Conference

"After 1 session I went on to beat my pb"
CS - Marathon runner

"My nerves were affecting my performance and limiting my true potential.Katie helped me create a routine which kept me calm, focused and confident.My results have improved considerably and I know a very large part of this is because of the mind training."
WB – England Paralympics Shooter

"Katie Page held a workshop for our Junior Golf Academy at Sturminster Marshall which covered a number of mind training techniques for our juniors. We pride ourselves on having one of the best children’s golf schools in the country and Katie’s work with the juniors captured their imagination to drive them forwards. Katie’s presentation was most helpful and beneficial to our juniors. They were able to start using some of the techniques to improve upon their golf immediately after the workshop. Katie went on to work with one of my top juniors which has produced some great results. He went on to win the Dorset Open and his handicap during the time Katie has been seeing him has reduced considerably."
MD - Pro & Managing Director Sturminster Marshall GC

"I feel so much better in myself since I have been seeing Katie, after the first session I instantly felt more relaxed and positive about my running. This showed the day after when I competed in a race and knocked almost 3 seconds of my previous pb, by outlining my thoughts on a good race I was able to make sure I was feeling positive and relaxed and excited before my race. This helped me during my race to maintain my focus. Katie helped me prepare for English schools by using tools that worked for me like visualisation and feelingisation. Not only have I noticed the difference in myself but so have my parents and coaches; I feel it has been very beneficial and will help throughout my running career." 
1500m runner - 1st at Nationals

"I keep on referring athletes to Katie because of the results she gains are incredible. She is able to unlock something within athletes which enables them to have the belief, which in turn creates results. One of my juniors was considering giving up on his running and with Katie’s support he has just gone on to get his first GB Vest "
RP– Coach Poole Runners

"I have learnt how to control my nerves and have more focus on the track.  Katie has given me a complete mind training technique to use prior to competitions which has made such a difference to my results"
 RH - Professional Motorbike Racer

"I now have a mind performance routine to get me in my peak performance state. I used to get angry and frustrated now I have the tools and the understanding of how this impacts my game."
 RF – Top 15 Under 14’s England Tennis

"I refer to Katie as my Confidence Coach.  She has helped me so much with my performance.  I feel so much more focused, relaxed and confident and the results have shown this"
CR – 3rd at Nationals 100m swimming

"Katie set up workshops for our swimmers where topics such as goal setting, confidence, dealing with pressure and mental preparation for events were examined. All of the swimmers have benefitted from these workshops. I have seen in particular several of the swimmers have a huge change in attitude from a confidence level and maturity level. This has meant that they have excelled in their swimming performance."
Swimming Coach

"Over the past month I have been working with Katie on golf mind training from recommendation from my county coach, and have greatly learnt from the advice and ideas she has presented. I strongly believe for myself to reach the next level, mind training will make the main difference. I currently play off a handicap of +2, representing Dorset County, South West Counties, Bournemouth University and British Universities Team.  Whilst working with Katie I qualified for local qualifying for the Open Championship and also finished 17th in the English Amateur Championship. As Bournemouth University Golf Captain I have recommended Katie to work with the team and have also recommended her to my county team mates as well." 

"My handicap dropped by 5 in only 4 sessions of seeing Katie!"
BS - Junior golfer

"We would not have any hesitation in recommending her for sports coaching at any level, everyone can benefit!"
DB - Parent

"Katie has changed my attitude in the pool and out of the pool.  I approach my swimming with a clearer mindset, yet with more of a sense of enjoyment now.  I have learnt how to properly prepare mentally for events and my results this year have been amazing!"
LM - Swimmer

"I knew that there were some areas of my game that could be improved upon and the key to making this happen was working on my mental game. The sessions that we have had have been so beneficial to my mental attitude and also my play in general. "
RC – Under 18’s County Golf Captain

"After my first session with Katie I went on to win a tournament and got a hole in one for the first time. I feel like a different golfer now with so much more confidence and have a complete mind training routine which has made this difference. Katie said this process would be quick yet I never imagined this quick or this effective"
County Junior Golfer

"I am currently playing off a handicap of 0 and had basically stopped wanting to play as I'd lost some self confidence in my ability. Now I'm back to playing 3 times a week and one of my goals was to start enjoying golf again. Katie has showed me specific ways In which I can achieve this and I am really surprised in only seeing Katie 3 times I am now out there playing again, not only playing again but playing better, believing in myself and loving golf again. I feel like with Katie’s support I can get back on track for next season with great success."  
JW - Golfer

"I now don’t get angry or upset on the course. I enjoy it a lot more and have a mind training plan. My golf has got so much better because I feel more confident and I trust my golf a lot more."
Junior golfer

"From the very first session Katie understood and identified with my situation and was able to immediately highlight some of the psychological processes that inhibited my performance and to explain the different ways I could enhance my performance with use of certain psychological tools. With practice using the psychological tools I was able to really improve my performance. In the first couple of weeks of using the tools for my attentional focus and confidence I was able, in a match with other County players, to shoot 7 under par which is equal to our amateur course record and included a period where I was 8 under par for 7 holes midway through my round, a score I had never previously shot before. Katie helped me incorporate a psychological routine together with my physical putting routine where I am able to hit putts confidently, freely and always in the present in all situations, which has improved the consistency of my putting and resulted in frequently lower scores."

"The mind training techniques I’ve learnt and the pre-tournament support I’ve received has helped me considerably."
ST - Professional Golfer

"I have been practicing what we've discussed and got some amazing results. What has really surprised me however is my putting. I stepped out onto the practice green, had a look at the line of the putt, then walked in stalking the line of the putt and just hit it. I holed the first 4 or 5 putts. Then tried 30 and 40 foot putts and they all went in to! Its unreal! I shoot 64 (7 under par) - which equals the amateur course record! the best round I've ever played and I've played since I was 12! I've also never ever before had 2 eagles in a round!! You were right, this works fast! I can only say thank you."

Katie first helped me back in 2009, where I was having a bad spell of racing and I was overcoming an iron deficiency. But after a few sessions, I was feeling much more relaxed and positive about my training and races. After having a slow start to the 2009 track season, Katie really helped build my confidence up, and by the end of the season I had won the AAAs Championships and the UK School Games. This really proved that my new approach had helped me tremendously as Katie outlined the key things that she thought would help me as an individual, and we worked on my weakness areas together. Katie has since been a great support and has continued to help me through phone calls and e-mails, and my running has really improved, this was shown in 2010 by gaining England Vests. However this year I suffered a broken foot, and was out of training completely for 8weeks, devastated I contacted Katie and she has been helping me since. By working with Katie and my physiotherapist and setting realistic goals that were going to be achievable for me I managed to gain some confidence. Discussing my fears with Katie that my running wouldn’t be where it was when I came back to racing really helped me and she gave me the confidence to get back racing. Although I had to lower my expectations and adjust my original goals for the track season it has really paid off. I knew it would be a long road to recovery, but instead of worrying about times and positions, Katie gave me the encouragement to just enjoy training and racing and to keep positive and eventually it will all pay off. It has been a long road back to fitness, but I finally feel I am back on form after equalling my personal best over 3km at last weekends U20 UK Championships at the Diamond League. Through Katie’s own experiences I feel she was able to relate to what I was going through which I think is very important as I knew she understood the frustration going through my mind. Katie always manages to make me feel positive and has really helped to improve my self-confidence, particularly this year where my confidence was very low and I certainly did not think I would be back running so well so soon after my injury.
Melissa Courtney

I started working with Katie back in July 2009 and since that point my career has flourish. During this period I have also had to over come many obstacles which Katie has been at the forefront in helping me. When I initially met Katie I struggled from a lack of confidence and self belief whilst competing as an amateur golfer. Katie highlighted these issues instantly and started questioning them based on my record and performances at a university level. My results improved immediately with the tools Katie gave me and I progressed greatly from there. At the end of the summer I went back for my final year at Bournemouth University having set clear and realistic goals with Katie. Throughout the year we worked hard on maintaining my self belief and establishing my own way of feeling comfortable and confident in all situations.  One of the obstacles I have been faced with since 2005 is an ongoing lower back problem which has always affected me each winter. From the work with Katie I have learnt how powerful the mind can be with regard to recovering from injures and especially returning to performing after recovery. It was amazing once in the correct mind set how a small tinge can be over come and perform to your full ability.  Following the work with Katie in my final year at University I achieved all my goals set at the beginning on the academic year and was selected for Great Britain and Ireland Team at the World Championships 2010.  Whilst at University, Katie also worked with the Golf Team, which I captained. With her help, which played a significant part we had our most successful year in Bournemouth’s history reaching the national finals. It was a great achievement for all concerned and Katie's help was unquestionable. Once I left University, I turned Professional and Katie helped me set out goals for my first year. With her help I turned up to European Tour school and felt completely at home managing myself with confidence and self belief. It was a great achievement to finish 5th place in my first event on that stage. Without the work I have done with Katie this would not have been possible. Katie has helped me greatly in fulfilling my potential.      Shortly after this I aggravated a nerve in my lower back, with this injury I still managed to compete with a physio's consent and performed to an extremely high level. This demonstrated to me the power of the mind during periods of injury and how using the correct tools as Katie gave me you can adapt and perform to the highest level as well as recover from these injures. After this injury using Katie’s tools I bounced back and have put the injury behind me. 
Kev Garwood

We have been working with Katie Page to improve my daughters performance. Chelsea is an elite UK based international junior tennis player in need of mind training.  Katie has immediately built a rapport with my daughter and already has improved her positive outlook & performance. Chelsea is only 12 years old, she is currently competing with winning results in u 17 & 15 matchplay tournaments.  Match results are evident on the LTA web site. Chelsea has been suffering from recurrent back injuries, which has resulted in her having to miss tournaments and adapt her training schedule dramatically. With Katie’s help we have been able to maintain her focus and motivation. It has been exceptionally impressive to see the results Chelsea is able to maintain. I am sure that this is due to the work that Katie does with Chelsea, as her confidence now is not dented. She goes back into tournaments with a fiercely competitive drive and focus. At times even when her body is not 100% fit her mind seems to over compensate which has been producing some staggering results. Because of the results Katie has achieved with Chelsea the academy in London where Chelsea is based has just requested that Katie starts working with their players. I would recommend Katie to any parents who are serious about competing in sports at a high level.
Dr May Samways

"It was really great to meet and work with you. We are not only in awe of your own story but you really helped me focus my mind and create some positive changes in my life."
YOU Magazine

"Inspiring, empowering and so helpful. Thank you Katie!"
Top Sante Magazine

"Such a marvelous experience."
Woman and Home Magazine

"Before I started working with Katie I had suffered a massive lack of confidence on the golf course. Fear and anxiety had taken a grip of me in a big way. I was a very skilled golfer but I started to doubt my ability and did not trust my swing. This had caused me a lot of stress and a lack of enjoyment for the game I love. Since working with Katie I cannot believe the turn around I have made. She has helped me rediscover myself again. My focus is back, my self belief is higher than it has ever been, and I can now clearly see the error's I had made that lead to my anxiety. I now feel more in charge of my progress and the fun & enjoyment has returned. I have learnt to trust my instinct and my ability is getting better than it has ever been. What I am learning from my sessions with Katie is not just helping me on the course, but benefitting me in all areas of life."
AC - Future 4 time Masters champion, 3 time Open champion