I work with a wide range of athletes from Olympic to Amateur level. Everyone is capable of achieving more, with the right mindset there are no limits only possibilities created through self belief and positive realistic goals.

Below are examples of some of the types of clients I work with and the results that have been achieved.

Scenario 1 – Focus – SD – Professional Premier League Footballer.
This player found at times he lost focus on the pitch. We worked together to identify causes for this and developed mind training techniques to use during his warm up and during matches. He then went on to be signed for a fee of over £5 million by Everton.

Scenario 2 – Self Doubt – JP – GB Vest, 2 National titles, U20’s GB Champion & English Schools Champion.
This runner had the physical ability to win, however his self doubt was causing him to question his ability, his desire and his future in running. By him understanding how the pressure and expectations he was creating for himself were fuelling this, we were able to create techniques which fuelled his self belief instead. He went on to receive his GB vest and became the U20’s GB Champion.

Scenario 3 – Confidence – BS - # 2 Junior Golfer in Europe and # 15 in the World for his age.
This golfers confidence would fade, this would then make him question his ability and he would be distracted by negativity. He clearly had the technical ability yet his lack of confidence played havoc in competitions. After 4 sessions he went on to successfully compete in the US and improved his ranking to #15 in the world.

Scenario 4 – Nerves - JP – English and UK Schools Titles and British Age Group Record Holder.
At competitions this swimmer suffered from nerves. We had a few sessions to break through this and his results in the pool have been speaking for themselves.

Scenario 5 – Concentration – LB Ladies European Tour 2011 Professional Golfer.
This European Tour golfer lacked concentration when she most needed it. We created tools to enable her to stay present and focus on one shot at a time. We are looking forward to working together on tour this year.

Scenario 6 – Team Communication & Mental Preparation - B’mouth University Golf Team - #1 in England
Working along side the coaches I identified that there was a lack of communication, confidence and mental preparation within the team and this was holding them back from winning. The team for the first time made it to the University Championship Final and now are ranked #1 in England. Along with the results the dynamics and enjoyment within the team and as individuals has improved drastically.

Scenario 7 – Self Belief – MC – Under 20’s England Athletics Team – Age 14
This runner had been finishing in the top 3 in England, and then suffered an injury which was affecting her psychologically as she knew her fitness was the same after she recovered yet she was unable to finish in the top 10. After 3 sessions she went on to beat her PB time by over 3 seconds, came 1st at Nationals, 2nd at English Schools and now she is running for England.

Scenario 8 – Concentration – AG - #1 in GB for Tennis U16 and U18 Boys
This tennis player lacked concentration when he most needed it. We created tools to enable him to stay present and to improve his focus. His results and his ranking continue to improve.

Scenario 9 – Negative thoughts – CM - GB Junior Water Polo
Negative thoughts and self doubt would cause problems for this swimmer before events. We addressed the issues behind his thinking patterns. Three months in, he was selected for the GB Junior squad.

Scenario 10 – Anxiety and pressure - DI – Championship footballer
Anxiety was affecting this footballers performance and limiting his true potential. After two sessions, this footballer had his best season to date and was signed for a fee of over £1 million.

‘Moving Into High Performance’ presenting with
Jamie Baulsh - Olympic Silver medalist

The Jaguar Academy Of Sport Coaches